Maths Aspirations & Teaching @ Hovingham.

This is the blog of Jane Fisher, an Assistant Head Teacher at Hovingham Primary School, Leeds. The aim of this blog is to follow my learning journey in my new role and as a place for me to share ideas and resources, as I come across them, in my pursuit of raising progress and attainment, and increasing confidence, enjoyment and understanding for both the pupils and adults in Maths at Hovingham.

I will also use the blog to follow my thoughts and work for my MAST (Maths Specialist Teacher course).

Further work can be found at This website is primarily concerned with the implementation of SEAL, (Social and Emotional Azpects of Learning) at Hovingham. It does also have work on Phonics / Letters & Sounds and Making Maths Fun.

My class blog is This blog is written by the children in my class at Hovingham Primary School.

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2 Responses to “Maths Aspirations & Teaching @ Hovingham.”

  1.   Abu Bakar Rajar Says:

    I am Year 5 Rowan student at Hovingham Primary School i love Mathletics at school. Miss Fisher does great effort to improve our Maths and Spelldrome.
    I love Mathletics and love my Hovingham Primary School
    Best wishes
    Abu Bakar Rajar

  2.   janefisher Says:

    Dear Abu Bakar Rajar, Many thanks for your comment. I am so glad that you enjoy Mathletics and being a pupil at Hovingham Primary School. it is great to see you are reading the blogs and commenting. Best wishes, Mrs Fisher. 🙂

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