Why are some children not bothered? Interview with Yr6 pupil.(2)

Here is an extract from another Yr 6 pupil interview, where we talk about why some children are just ‘not bothered’ and I ask the pupil for ideas that might help.

Pupil 2- I did bother, but, it’s like, when other kids are not bothered, and like, they’re wasting our time and we want to learn and they’re just not bothered and, they don’t want to learn.

Interviewer- Why do you think they’re not bothered?

Pupil 2- I don’t know miss.

Interviewer- You don’t know.

Pupil 2- Just because, it’s like all the usual kids that just aren’t bothered about anything, and just sit around, mess about and speak to each other in lessons.

Interviewer- So that distracts you from learning.. I asked someone else that talked about these children that weren’t bothered – did they think that these children understand that when you leave school, if they haven’t got a maths certificate they won’t get a job – and they said they didn’t think the children actually did know that. Did you know that?

Pupil 2- No, miss.

Interviewer- No, you didn’t. Do you think it might have made them think, ‘Oh, I better work hard.’

Pupil 2- yes, miss.

Interviewer- So if you knew that without a Maths GCSE you wouldn’t get a job in McDonalds….. honest…

Pupil 2- Wouldn’t you miss?

Interviewer- No, nowadays if you go for a job in McDonalds they will ask you..

Pupil 2- arr, yes miss, because you need to know the money and that.

Interviewer- You need to have a Maths GCSE to get a job, even a job in McDonalds. So do you think we should actually say that to children, ‘listen, this is how important it is?’ and then it will make them…

Pupil 2- Miss next year in the first assembly, no, in the Mathletics assembly you could say like, miss, like if you don’t work hard in Maths you won’t even get a job at McDonalds.

Interviewer- Right, so actually say it to the whole school, in the first Mathletics celebration, next year?



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