Maslow, Maths and Motivation!

In the staff meeting tonight we are looking briefly at Maths. My main message is all around motivation – continuing form the Year 6 interviews at the end of last term – when the children said that the reason some children didn’t make progress – is “Because they just aren’t bothered.”  So we are striving to find ways to engage pupils – and I have been trying to glean an insight into how we can do this by reading books on motivation and how children learn.

Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs is a useful model to look at – and I have brought back out a child friendly version I made before – we need to think carefully about how we can do the best for our pupils at each step. Where are our pupils getting stuck?

Looking at the KS2 Maths paper – the Maths is honestly not that difficult – if the pupils have a good understanding of the key concepts – but then they have to be able to use that knowledge. It’s all about engaging the pupils in magic of Mathematical thinking. We need to work on resilience – how rewarding is it when you put that final number in on a Suduko puzzle, when you drop the winning counter in on Connect 4 – that’s the feeling we need pupils to experience – and know that it’s Maths!

Here are the slides for the meeting – under the car picture on the 1st slide – answering the question, What is our focus? – It reads – ‘Am I bothered?’  YES, YES, YES! Maths Motivation.

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