Mum’s Mathletics and an inspirational website.

I have just started a Parents Supporting Learning group, and a few Mum’s said they were trying to improve their own maths – so we have set up a small Mum’s Mathletics group. The mums talked about how it was sometimes difficult to get out of the house – so being able to practise and learn at their own speed in the home was ideal. The children were also really excited to hear that some Mums were going to have their own usernames and passwords!

Following Twitter – helps me learn so much – and tonight I have followed a link to the Maths Inspiration page on the Teaching ideas website. Great images to get pupils thinking!

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  1.   shamim hussain Says:

    thanks mrs Fisher for helping mums like me by setting mathletics club and building inspiration in me.

    •   janefisher Says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. I am inspired by the parents who are showing their children the importance of learning. Thank you for all your support and positivity. Best regards, Mrs Fisher.

  2.   Friendship Quotes Says:

    Mum's Mathletics and an inspirational website. › Maths Aspirations & Teaching Maths Aspirations & Teaching great ideas for this world!

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