Teach meet – Bolton. 4th November 2011

Teach meets are organised by teachers for teachers, through Twitter. I have only recently discovered Twitter – and already have learned so much by connecting with other teachers and professionals and getting the opportunity to learn from the knowledge they share. I went to the Teach Meet in Leeds earlier in the year, and inspired by this I am off to Bolton today.

Today I want to share some of the elements that have helped to engage more of our pupils in Maths over the last 2 years.  I started to put a presentation together – but you only get 7 minutes to present and actually I could talk for hours about the things that have helped to make a difference at Hovingham – so I decided not to use a Smart Notebook or Powerpoint – but just to chat and share some ideas. These are the notes I have put together…..

In 2009 Hovingham Primary had 42% of Y6 pupils who achieved L4.The school has never achieved floor targets and is regarded as a ‘Challenging School’ by authorities.

I view Hovingham as the best opportunity that our pupils have to ‘make a difference,’ to their lives… and so my goal is to do everything possible to help make that difference.

This year our Target for Maths at the end of KS2 is 72+% L4, with 20+% at L5 – and I am confident we will achieve it!

Pupil interviews told me that what makes the difference between children that succeed and those who don’t – is that some ‘just aren’t bothered.’

 Making Maths Matter – so everyone is ‘bothered’.

  •  Kinaesthetic               – I see it, I understand it.
  • Auditory                   – I sing it, it sticks in my head!
  • Visual                      – I see what you mean…
  •  In context                – I understand why I need to learn it.
  • 21st Century Learning.    – I learn it my way!

Kinaesthetic Learning.

Hands on learning and active learning

·      Models and images – like Numicon – then move on to invisible version so children learn to visualise.

·      Skip counting – counting as you skip – in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, etc.

·      Maths circuit training – sorting out odd and even numbers into hoops either end of the hall etc.

·      Dances – numberbond dances, Riverdance – for 2 times table.

·      Kung fu number bonds

 Auditory Learning

The Kylie Minogue effect – sing it and it stays in your head.

·       U tube – school house rock versions of every times table, & songs like the ‘Polygon Song.’ Download and drop into Notebook.

·       Times tables songs – Percy Parker, i-tunes, Number fun.

·       X factor show – every act is a performance based on a x table!

·      Maths performances – Number One Nativity ( from Number fun)

Visual Learning.

I see what you mean…

·       Maths poster books

·      Art – tessellations, symmetrical Eid cards, 3D models of Mosques.

 Maths in context

·      Measures in the context of cooking, baking and ice cream making.

·      Money in the context of shopping and running a café for parents evening.

·      Maths based on story books –

Remainder of one – also march to ‘The ants go marching…”

365 Penguins

The Great Pet Sale.

2×2 = Boo!

1 is a snail, 10 is a crab.

You can count on monsters         ……… and many more

21st Century Learning.


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practise begins on Monday – event is Nov17th – Nov 18th – so we can combine as a sponsored event for Children In Need!

You can read all about the impact of Mathletics at Hovingham further on in this blog – but just to say that at 8.30am this morning I started the day at my Parents Mathletics Club! We now have over 20 parents who have their own Mathletics Log ins. Some are learning so they can support their children with their learning, and others are working on their own Maths to improve their changes of getting a job or to get their own Maths GCSE in time. All of them are modelling a ‘love of learning’ to their families.

I know that I will learn so much at tonights Teach Meet  – many thanks to  David Micthell (@DeputyMitchell) and Dughall McCormick (@Dughall)  for organising it.

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