Reflections on the Teach Meet Bolton.

I drove back to Leeds, so fired up with enthusiasm, inspiration and admiration. I felt that every 7 minutes gave me as much as I often learned from a complete day on a course, every 2 minute presentation was like the contents of a meeting – in a snap shot. It has really taken me the weekend to unpack all that I stuffed in to my brain! It was just wonderful – so huge thanks to Dave Mitchell and all the staff at Heathfield, and Dughall – and everyone who presented. Thanks too, to the lovely people on my table who made me feel so welcome – being a shy person who normally finds even going into the staff room difficult – attending Teach Meet is soooo out of my comfort zone – but the learning experience is so worth the effort.

it was fantastic to meet Simon Haughton, his Infant Encyclopedia is just such a wonderful resource.  He has also done a fantastic resume of the Teach Meet Bolton evening on his blog, complete with all the links.

I also was fascinated by David Mitchell’s use of Coverit Live.  How he used it to engage the children in a session with Pie Corbett was amazing – but also the concept of being able to work with pupils using it during snow closures was very interesting… I shall be finding out more about how to use it…

The presentation by Simon Wood @idea_factory was just packed with so many awesome ideas – I am still working my way through all the links! It made me want to read more of his ideas – and his website is a pandora’s box  of inspiring and thought provoking links and ideas. Then a tweet of his took me off down a tangent reading Tim Rylands blog….

I’m watching for the next Teach Meet – and even contemplating a Leeds Teach Meet at Hovingham! Thanks 🙂

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