BETT 2012 – from ‘not bothered’ to ‘lovin’ it’ with Mathletics!

Today  I’m visiting BETT for the 1st time – I’m excited about what I will learn and the people I will meet – and I’m going to be talking on the Mathletics stand about how Mathletics has played a key part in motivating our pupils and giving them confidence in Maths – which now permeates across the curriculum. In case I’m ‘stage struck’ these are my thoughts, early in the morning before setting off!

Mathletics has done so much for us at Hovingham – I am really proud to be able to share our successes and achievements that have resulted from using this program.

Starting our journey.

Hovingham Primary signed up to Mathletics in September 2009.  MAthletics came and did a session with my Year group, and then I repeated this with each class throughout school and led a staff meeting on it.

I held a parents meeting, explaining what MAthletics was, and also asking for parental support for after school clubs. Many of our pupils do not have computer access at home – or share it with brothers and sisters, and so it has been important to set up clubs so everyone can get Internet access.

Initially, with the help of a TA, I ran all the clubs, but as staff have seen the impact of Mathletics, more have volunteered to run clubs and now each year group organises their own lunchtime club , and each evening is run by a different member of staff, with parents supporting – I only have the Friday after school club slot! Recently I have started a Breakfast club on Thursdays and a Parents breakfast club on Fridays! Soon we will be playing morning, noon and night!

We have just fundraised – using the Mathletics Four Nations Challenge, and the £3000+ is being used to buy Blackberry Playbooks to increase the club size to 40+ !

Keeping Going! 

Now we are into our 3rd year – and playing more than ever!

  • Staff now have really seen the impact, and so encourage their children to play, use the site in lessons, set challenges, use it for assessments and praise the children for their achievements.
  • Parents have seen the impact – those with the Internet at home, encourage their children to play, they support the clubs, and their hard work to help with the fund-raising was truly amazing. Some families set an alarm of their mobile phones to remind them it is a new Mathletics week!
  • Children – with ‘Going for Goals’ as our SEAL theme – there is hardly a child who doesn’t reel off -‘Gold Matheltics Certificate’ as one of their Goals!


Every week in the Friday assembly, on the big screen, the children are shown the Mathletic Champion for each Year group – this encourage the children to aim higher than the 1000 points required for their weekly Bronze certificate.

They also then see the Mathletics Leader board – no 10 on the board is currently over 15,000 and the top score achieved in 1 week is 30,000! The Leader Board is also on display in the ICT suite – originally I had made it to 20,000, but have now had to extend it up to the ceiling to reach 30,000+!

Every half term we hold a Mathletics Celebration to award children who have received their Gold Certificates. Parents are invited, along with some special guests! Someone from the Mathletics team joins us for the celebrations – and we have had Ronnie the Rhino for Leeds Rhinos, Lucas the Kop Cat from Leeds United,  Danny Buderus – Rugby player, and then dignities like the Lord Mayor, the CEO of Education Leeds and the Lord Lieutenant!  The celebration involves lots of cheering and singing – and a cup of tea for the parents at the end, while the children take photo opportunities!

Moving forward…… 

In the entrance hall we now proudly display the ‘Matheltics Centre of Excellence!’ plaque, and Maths has a real buzz about it.  Every child is set at their appropriate level of challenge on Mathletics, and yet when playing together the interface looks the same, what ever level you are on – so they all feel a sense of achievement.

Next month we award our first 6th Gold Certificate, thats virtually a certificate every week since the day we started in 2009!

Impact – in 2009 our L4 SATS was 42% – in 2012 we are on target for 76% L4 – with about 20% aiming for L5! -now that’s worth celebrating!

3 Responses to “BETT 2012 – from ‘not bothered’ to ‘lovin’ it’ with Mathletics!”

  1.   Miss Sporty Says:

    It is just amazing to read about all the success at Hovingham since the introduction of Mathletics. It has inspired all the children to be the best they can be and the results speak for themselves!!

  2.   Yvonne Says:

    Kia ora from New Zealand. What amazing results! Hovingham students and teachers are an inspiration to Mathletes all over the world. Kia kaha!

  3.   Jane Fisher Says:

    Thank you for your kind comment – and thank you to all the Mathletics /3P learning team – you have done so much for us at Hovingham and Mathletics is really helping us to make a difference. Kia kaha!

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