Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg, visits Hovingham Mathletics Celebration!

What an amazing afternoon the children all had on Thursday 2nd February. Jayne Warburton, the CEO of Mathletics UK and Deane Tomlin, their NE representative visited us, with Scott Flansburg. Scott is in the Guinness Book of Records as the ‘Human Calculator!’ He had lunch first with some of the Year 6 pupils and then wowed the staff and pupils of Years 5 & 6. Most importantly, he showed the children that Maths is fun and exciting – he inspired and motivated them to do their best and never give up. It wasn’t just a show of Maths tricks and magic – but a magical performance, that lifted everyone to give them belief in what they too could achieve. Thank you so much……………

Visit Scott Flansburg’s website to find out more about his fabulous work.

Mathletics is already helping to make a difference to the pupils at Hovingham – and after Scott’s performance he stayed on to award certificates to the pupils who had achieved their Gold Mathletics Awards. Here are the slides that showed the winners on the screen in the hall – Iqra has her 5th Award and Akleem received his 6th! Fantastic achievements!

Calendar News also came to the event and then after school Akleem and his family were invited to go to the Calendar Studios. Here isĀ  a link to the filming that appeared on Calendar that evening!


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  1.   zakea hussain Says:

    Children have been making lots of progress in Mathletics and are achieving lots of high scores and keep it up.

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