Impact of playing Mathletics regularly.

I have looked at the progress and achievement of the 24 pupils who have achieved 4 or more certificates, plus a couple of Year 6 children who have nearly reached that target. The result were even more impressive than I had imagined they would be.  In school it is obvious that these pupils are confident in Maths and clearly enjoy the subject. They all play Mathletics at school, either at the Breakfast, Lunch or after school clubs, but they also have access to the Internet out of school. However some of the children have to share computer access with other siblings or visit relatives to access a computer – and so home access is sometimes limited.

These are the bullet points form the report – if you are interested in the full report please email me.

Children in report –

Year 3 – 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys.
Year 4 – 8 children, 3 girls and 5 boys.
Year 5 – 4 girls and 3 boys.
Year 6 – 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys.

Total of children = 24   with 12 girls and 12 boys.

Year 3

·         All 4 children in Year 3 who have achieved their 4th Gold Award are at or above age related expectation in Maths.

·         The average level for the year group is 16.4, the groups average is  17.5.

·         They have an average progress point score of 2.5 in Maths – compared to the year group average gain of 1.7pts progress.

Year  4

·         Of the 8 children who play regular Mathletics only 1 child is below age related expectation, but she has achieved a 2A in Maths, compared to 1A Reading.

·         6 of the 8 children are at a higher level in Maths than Literacy, 1 child is performing at 3B in Maths, but only 2c in Literacy, and another at 3B in Maths is at 2b in Literacy. 2 children are on the same level in both Literacy and Numeracy.

·         Across KS2 these children have made an average of 5pts progress in Maths, compared to 3.1 pts average progress in writing

·         The average point score for the year group is 17.4, while the group score is 20.8 – an increase of 3.4 pts.

Year 5

·         1 child is at the same level English and Maths, the other 7 are all at a higher level in Maths than Literacy, 2 children are significantly better – 2c in Literacy, compared to 3c in Maths, and 3B Literacy, compared to 4B Maths.

·         5 of the children have already achieved a Level 4.

·         Across KS2 the group has made an average of 13.4 points progress – pupils are expected to make 12+pts progress by the end of yr6 – these children have made more than this by April in yr 5. In writing they have made an average of 10.4pts progress across KS2.

·         Average level for the group is 24.7pts – their cohort average is 22.5pts.

 Year 6

·         4 of the 5 children have achieved L5 in Maths, none have achieved a L5 in Literacy. All are at a higher level in Maths than in literacy.

·         3 of the children have achieved L5 in Maths, but are at L3 in writing.

·         Average progress in maths across ks2 is 17.6pts, compared to 13.2pts in writing .

·         The average level for the group is 30.6pts – compared to the cohort average of 25.7pts.


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