“Impacting on the professional practise of others.”

“How I have most successfully and positively impacted on the professional practice of others.”

When contemplating delivering a short presentation with this title, I believe that what makes the biggest difference to the practice of others is – encouragement. Entering the Teaching Profession after years of working in the craft industry, I saw that while teachers give their pupils encouragement …… who was it that give the teachers encouragement? For most of the time, we work in our classrooms, for our classes – our colleagues rarely see our work, and while we comment positively on our pupils work – they pass no judgment on our work.

Encouragement makes the difference. Encouragement lifts our confidence and gives us resilience and drive.

For every initiative I have implemented at school, I have followed the process of ‘Engage, explain, expect.’

  • Engage -I have trialled the initiative first so that I can talk with passion and conviction, and share the positive impacts – colleagues need to see the value and be keen to ‘give it a go,’ before you even ask them to.
  • Explain – Staff need to feel that they can do the initiative – I aim to deliver the information and skills in a memorable way, and then be there to support, model and lead.
  • Expect – I’m there to support, but also to challenge.

It seemed best to ask others to comment on the title of the presentation. The key words in the quotes for me are passion, creative, enthusiasm, enables, confident, inspired, exciting.  I copied colleagues comments into Tagexdo, and below is the cloud they made.

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