Olympic Maths!

Next weekend the Olympic torch comes to Harehills Lane – just a few 100 yards from school. I’m sure the children will be out watching it – and I will certainly come and see the historic event too.

This week we are learning all about the torch – and in maths we are using the BBC website about the torch to put our Maths in a real context. We will learn about calendars, days of the week and months of the year. Use digital and analogue clocks and use coordinates. These are some of the Smartnote book pages – they show the routes the torch will travel and the times they reach each destination.

So many sporting events give so many opportunities to learn Maths in a real context. At the same time we will also be writing facts about the torch, singing some great songs from ‘Out of the Ark’, and then we will make our own torches and flags for sports day. We will go outside and measure out 100 meter tracks, and time our running practices, build the hurdles and measure their heights, and then time ourselves.

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