Copy of the email sent to Mr Gove on June 28th 2012

I have emailed Mr Gove throughout the year, trying to get him, or a representative to come and see what amazing achievements our pupils are making – this is a copy of my final email. The office did receive a call to let us know he wouldn’t be coming, I did receive an email in reply to my first email in September.

Dear Mr Gove,
I have written to you numerous times this year inviting you to come to a Maths Celebration at Hovingham Primary School in Leeds.
You were kind enough to say that you would love to visit – but that your schedule did not allow it – I then sent dates for the celebrations over the whole year.

I have just read the news – BBC, Independent, Yorkshire Post – all tonight about your desire to turn all ‘failing’ Primary Schools into Academies – and highlighting Leeds.
Hovingham is one of those schools – but before you condemn it as failing – I beg you to come and visit it.

Your judgment of failure is based on SAT results – our Maths papers have arrived back today – and unless you have changed the thresholds we have achieved 75% at L4 –
how is that failing?
Yes – in 2009 we did only achieve 42% at L4 – but every teacher has gone the extra mile, and we have made a difference.

I beg you, or a minister sent by you, to come and join in our Maths Celebration on Friday July 13th at 2.00pm.
At Hovingham we have embraced modern technology and use an online Maths Program called Mathletics to get our pupils pratising the maths skills they learn in lessons.
While very few of our families have computer access at home – the school has after school Mathletics clubs – every day after school, at lunchtimes and even at breakfast times.
I even have Mums who play Mathletics too!
The children can achieve a weekly certificate for getting over 1000 points – when they have 20 certificates they achieve a Gold Certificates – and we hand these out at half termly celebrations – to which their parents are invited.
This time, Aidan Dixon, who carried the Olympic Torch through Harehills and was seen by many of the pupils is coming in his torch bearers outfit, with his torch, to award certificates. He is a young man, who has turned his life around and now works as a Behavioural Support worker in a Leeds High School.
We will be awarding 3 children their 7th Gold Awards – there is only 1 other person in the world who has ever achieved their 7th award – and now Hovingham will add 3!
We have been awarded the accolade as the ‘Mathletics Centre of Excellence’ – the 1st in the World – awarded by a Worldwide Maths organisation – based in Australia – and yet our own Government deems us as failing.

Please come to Hovingham!
Please let me talk with you about Maths – I believe that all Primary children can achieve in Maths – but we need to engage, enthuse and excite them – and that is what I am working on.
Read my Maths Blog –

I know your schedule is busy, but please come, or send a representative – Friday July 13th  – 2.00pm.
Best wishes
Jane Fisher

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