Origami Fireworks.

I’m have become fascinated with modular paper folding and origami. (It seems that if you use any glue – then technically speaking it’s paper folding) Having created the Christmas trees, which are mentioned in previous blogs, using some amazing wrapping paper from W.H. Smiths and seeing all the Maths that the children could visually see as we created them – I am thinking about the Maths opportunities which origami presents.

On another level, having made the 3D snowflakes, also mentioned previously in the blog, with children in my class and also in the art group, I am thinking about the use of origami for collaborative projects. With children in year 2, aged 6-7yrs the snowflake would have probably been a daunting task for them to attempt individually, but when they only had to create a section of it, and could then see how the sections were put together to create something quite spectacular, it became a very special activity.

Youtube has many excellent Origami videos. I made the Origami fireworks following this video –

Origami Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi) – long version

The modular pieces were fairly straightforward to fold – but the final connection of the piece I found very tricky – so instead of using 12 modular pieces, I made 14 pieces, which just seemed to give it a bit more stretch when finally linking it together.

Having made the model, it’s quite fascinating to play with and to see how it twists into the different patterns. In terms of applying it to Maths teaching – I’m not sure that it can be applied into a Primary class room, as there is still a lot of folding to do to join the modular pieces together. However in terms of modelling resilience and problem solving there are definite opportunities.

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