Kusudama flowers balls.

Kusudama flower balls are made with 12 flowers – each with 5 petals.

Here are the instructions – the are also some useful videos on Youtube.

I have made three different size flower balls. The largest with full size standard origami sheets, the next with 1/4 size squares and the smallest with 1/6th of a sheet squares. Each ball requires 60 petals – so it would be a huge project for a child to undertake – but a great team collaborative project.

The petals pieces are not too tricky to make and model maths such as fractions and shape. Further Maths could be explored through 3D shape – edges, vertices and faces, 5x tables, area of paper used etc. The larger size ball is less fiddly and would look great hung up in the classroom. Individual flowers could also be made and the petals could be attached to sticks or pipe cleaners – possibly as Mothers day gifts.



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