Lego Maths.

The children in my class love Lego – and so I decided that we would use Lego as a focus for our Maths lessons. For the whole of the 1st half of the Spring term all our Maths was done with Lego! The children loved it – and I loved teaching it! I think we could deliver the whole of the Maths Curriculum with the aid of these great bricks – but my children did have to invent a very special brick! The 10 brick, and from that, the 100 plate.

The children initially came up with the list of all the Maths they thought we could do with Lego, and then I planned using their ideas and extended them.

In the first week we sorted the bricks and the children learned about Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. They sorted the bricks practically and then I created click art to represent the Lego and we were able to do it with Lego cut outs.

The children built and measured the height of simple towers, they weighed bags of bricks, made symmetrical designs with the bricks and stamped arrays with bricks. Through these activities we covered measuring with centimetres and metres, estimating, weighing using grams and kilos, symmetry and multiplication with arrays. The children did these activities as part of a carrousel.

It was the work with arrays which sparked a conversation about the fact that none of the bricks had an array that made 10. We researched on line and discovered that Lego did make a 1×10 brick, but not a 2×5 brick, so the children decided that we should make our own and use them to help us with lots more Maths. We glued different combinations of bricks and at their request I sprayed them gold! The children then also made some plates with 100 circles.

The children used these for work on addition and subtraction. We made videos of the work, with children explaining their work and posted them on our class blog.

It was such a brilliant project – everyone was really engaged. Although we have moved on to a new project for this half term, I have created some Lego jewellery, which the children love and which I use in starters. The boxes of special Maths Lego Golden Bricks are still available as a resource for the children to self select to support their learning, and they do continue to use them. Children also regularly bring me in examples of their own Lego from home – some glued and covered in glitter, other pieces blu tacked or even selloptaped together!

Really it is such a simple idea – it is taking a toy which many children have and adapting it into a Diennes / numicon type of resource and then using it for Maths – what makes it special to the children is the fact that it is LEGO, they feel they have some ownership over the project and they can replicate it at home. I was so excited by the project that I even talked about it at the BETT Teachmeet and took our special bricks to show the people on the Lego stand!

Click below for a  youblisher version of the PDF with some of pages from the Smartnote book which accompanied our work. I have uploaded the full notebook on to Dropbox. If you would like a copy please Direct Message me on Twitter @ejf23 or post a comment below.
Lego Maths

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