One grain of rice.

Today in Maths we looked at this beautiful Indian story about a clever girl called Rani.rice

She gathers up the rice falling from a basket and returns it to the Raja.

The Raja promised to give her one grain of rice on the 1st day, and then every day for 30 days he will double the number of grains from the day before. We tried to estimate how many grains of rice she would receive on the 30th day, but none of us realised quite how high the number would be! We know that puzzles can be tricky and this one certainly challenged us all but we didn’t worry. If we felt we were stuck we just practised our doubling strategies for a while and then came back to the problem.

Today some of us managed to get as far as the 15th day and we are still working on the puzzle. How far can you get? Post a comment to let us know!

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