Maths for Breakfast.

We have had lots of fun estimating how much a bowl of cereal weighs and then carefully weighing the cereal in grams. We estimated how much milk went on a bowl of cereal and then used the measuring jugs and cylinders to find out how many millilitres we actually used. The children then ate the cereal and measured the milk left. We used rulers to explore the height and width of the different boxes. Everyone filled in a voting slip about their favourite cereals and the children used this information to create tally charts and bar charts. On the final day of our project ¬†we weighed all the cereal we had left over and then the children enjoyed some cereal together. We then worked out how much cereal we had left at the end of the project. We’ve learned a lot about measuring and the different units we use.

I’m sure the children have been exploring the weight, length and capacity of items at home to complete their Learning Log tasks.

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