The Education Show NEC March 22nd 2014

For years a weekend camping at Kingsbury Water Park and evenings at the Dog and Doublet have been part of the visit to The Education Show, but this year with Sports Relief on the Friday and my friends from The Puppet Company making the decision not to show, it was a quick day trip. A hectic, but fun day at school had left me needing my stick to walk and having virtually no voice, but the trip was definitely worth the effort.

A twitter friend, @TaffTykeC described the show as ‘Toysrus for Teachers!’ I think that is a good description, not a penny of my birthday cash was left by the time I got my bags back to the car and I wondered if I really did need to buy all those green gel pens!

The former seminars, that once you had to book and pay for, have long gone and now they are open and noisy to present in. Most of them on the Saturday were organised it seemed by Scholastic, but they were excellent seminars to listen to information about the new 2014 curriculum. I sat and took in the sessions on Literacy, Maths and ICT, at the end of each session we were given a bag with a copy of the National Curriculum and a Planning Guide for the subject.

The Literacy Session focused on the higher expectations around grammar and punctuation and was led by Babcock Education. I was impressed enough to have bought the Sentence Toolkit book on Amazon this morning!

The highlight for me was listening to @stevebunce presenting his seminar on ICT and the 2014 curriculum. It was such a whistle stop tour of information that I only managed to jot down a few notes, but every sentence had another fascinating link, website or app.

The gems I noted were –

This is a brilliant video that Steve shared to talk about algorithms! Actually made me feel that they could be fun.

All in all it was a brilliant day out and it was good to see it busy. I have to say that the Memorablia / Comic Cult exhibiton in the next hall looked equally fascinating and the array of costumes worn by the people going to that made the teaching crowd look very tame! Hobbicraft was on as well! I really could have done with a weekend at the NEC!

Today – feet up, keeping quiet, marking and planning and looking through all my carrier bags with yesterday’s goodies in! (and blogging!)

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