Making shapes with straws.

Using straws and thin garden wire the children explored shapes. They had to carefully cut the straws, thinking about how many sides needed to be the same length and how many sides the 2D shape had, or edges the 3D shape needed. First we worked on 2D shapes, creating triangles, rectangles and squares. Having made the 2D shapes, we converted them into 3D shapes, thinking carefully about how many edges the shape needed.
We used garden wire, so that it was possible to cut it with scissors and we could use our fingers to twist it together, but this made our shapes flexible, so we saw that if the angles (corners / vertices) were not right angles then the shape would not be a cube, cuboid, square or rectangle.
The children really enjoyed the activity, if you have some straws and thin wire at home, I’m sure they would enjoy showing you how they did it and seeing if they could create some more shapes or wire them together into a shape sculpture.

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