Mathletics Lead Educator Day.

It was great to visit Bristol and meet with some of the Mathletics Lead Educators for the day last week.

We shared lots of ideas and experiences and learned a lot about the developments at Mathletics.

Mathletics has clearly already risen to all the challenges of the New Curriculum and has added more games and content, along with much more information for teachers from their dashboard. It was good to take another look at the ebooks, a resource I often overlook, but will definitely make better use of next year. I think they would be a very useful resource for children to work through independently in morning task time, as well as using in some lessons.

The use of Mathletics as a tool during the starter of a lesson, so that a group of children could be using Mathletics while a more targeted starter was delivered to the majority of the class and then once they were off doing an activity the children doing Mathletics could have their input. Seemed an excellent way to help deliver content, with differentiation.

We talked about how different schools kept the motivation for Mathletics going. I liked the idea of children being about to log on before school and during lunchtimes. It was also interesting to realise that some of the classes which are regularly in the Top 10 in the UK are actually year groups and therefore are the totals of 60 children playing!

We digressed at times and talked about wider school issues… I was especially interested in the conversation about the use and enthusiasm for the 100word challenge and the 5sentence challenges.  (I’ve already signed up for next year.!)

We looked at some very interesting documents from for test developers looking at assessment of the New Curriculum.   and Both well worth a look and give you a different perspective to the New Curriculum.

Mathletics and the New Curriculum. click here – Mathletics-England-2014-Curriculum-Alignment

This document is brilliant – it shows you all the games on Mathletics, linked to the objectives in the New Curriculum.

Estimation 180  a brilliant website shared with us by Dr.Rogers. Great for Maths talk.

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We had an interesting conversation about the Singapore Bar Model – as a maths representation, and looked at the website In addition to the section on Thinking blocks, this site also has some great games for developing logical thinking and reasoning skills.

In the afternoon Rob shared with us his work on . This is a website where children earn lots of different certificates and schools get to design the content for their awards. Rob shared some excellent examples of Mathletics awards – and shared the work he is doing in his school with the children in Years 4,5 and 6.

We did a practical activity using Tangrams to look at fractions using some very neat wooden Tangran puzzles. So impressed, I’ve already ordered a few for class!

It was a great day, time to think about making use of Mathletics, which is undoubtedly a phenomenal resource and has had a lot of work put into it to support the New Curriculum. Also great to have time to talk with some inspiring colleagues. Another idea shared which I loved – LEGO trophies. The children in Year 6 design and make the trophies for the following year… what a brilliant and creative idea.   Thanks to Mathletics for a really inspiring day.

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