Maths Passports and subtraction.

All the children in KS1 have been issued with Maths Passports. They will use they to record the Key Maths Facts which they have mastered and can recall quickly. During Morning Task time the children will be able to show an adult that they have mastered a skill, for example, knowing bonds to 20 and the passport will be signed and dated for them.

In Year 2 we will begin with Bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Children need to practise both the addition and subtraction facts until they can recall them accurately and quickly. A previous blog post showed us skipping and jumping as we practised our bonds and the links below may also be useful. On Purple Mash we are also create our own games to help us practise our bonds. ( We will share these on the blog soon!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 15.05.23 Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 15.05.16 Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 15.05.09

This week we will also be problem solving using subtraction. We will use the LEGO tens and units to physically see what happens when we subtract a number from a 2 digit number. We will also use a number square and a number line to support us in our subtractions. These links below will provide some useful practise too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 16.15.45Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 16.16.10Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 16.18.19


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