Learning with LEGO!

LEGO is such a brilliant toy; with a little imagination there is nothing you can’t create with LEGO. I’ve used it in so many ways in class but this year I’m spreading the ‘love’ and have created LEGO Maths manipulatives for all KS1 and some for KS2. It has been a labour of love and araldite! The pick a brick tubs are ready now and relabelled for tens and units!


The 10s are created with the standard 2×4 brick glued to a 1×2 brick. (Although of course, you could be creative and do it in many different ways) LEGO does do a 10 stud brick, but it is a 1×10 stud piece and not often found in the brilliant ‘Pick a Brick Wall.’ 2×5 is a better visual for 10, it replicates our 2 hands with 5 fingers and helps children to visually build bonds to 10.

Having bought single stud bricks in the Leeds shops for years, this summer they didn’t have any, but Liverpool did! Look at the statue that greeted me in the Liverpool shop! They had even made my little dog, ‘Penny’, for me!!


I’ve created 20 tubs full of LEGO tens and we have plenty of units to go with them. Later in the year, I’ll add some 100 towers to the collection. Smartboard pages have been created and designs are ready to be laminated for use with the LEGO.

We’ve got family after school sessions in the diary, ready to show everyone how to use their bricks at home to help them with Maths  and we’ll be sharing all our Maths learning on our class blog http://ffks1.primaryblogger.co.uk.

Learning Maths with LEGO is so much fun! It works so well because you can see and feel how numbers work together.


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