Challenging the Maths Myth

A new exciting chapter has started. I’m no longer a teacher! But, my passion for learning and particularly for Maths is as great as ever. I’ve joined the wonderful team at 3pLearning. I think my blog will speak volumes about how I have worked with Mathletics and how passionate I am about the impact it can have to children’s progress in Maths, but almost more importantly, to their attitude towards maths and learning. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity, it has come about as a result of needing more flexible work so that I could spend more time with my mother, who has dementia and Alzheimers. Live is too short, families are too special and the more passionate you are about teaching, the more all consuming it becomes… so with a new start, I remain as committed as ever to spreading the ‘LOVE’ of learning and Maths while also having more family time.

Today, I’m so lucky to be presenting alongside Dan Haesler at the Challenging the Maths Myth conference at Elland Road, Leeds. Click to find out more.

After 15 years in the classroom, this feels SO far out of my comfort zone! So fingers crossed 🙂

Here are the presentations for the day. Please feel free to email me for more notes, resources, notebooks or with any questions.

Growth Mindsets across a school community  Link to PPT of session 1

Mathematical Mindsets Link to PPT of session 2

Mathletics and Developing a Growth Mindset pdf of document referred to

maths-at-home pdf of document referred to

Mathematical Mindsets pdf of session 1

Growth Mindsets across a school community pdf of session 2



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