#Talk on the Tyne

It’s so difficult to get your message across in 5minutes, so I’ve been giving it a go at home! Above is the video, so if I’m tongue tied and nervous tonight, the video will give you a idea of what I wanted to share.

It’s fascinating talking to children about why they think Maths is important. I also ask if they know any jobs that you don’t need Maths for, and their replies always include footballers! I think I want to organise a big Maths event in a football stadium to smash this idea.

I also ask them if the think that some people are born with a better Maths brain, and even schools that have done work on Growth Mindsets, have children that put their thumbs up. We’re only born with 3 abilities – to breathe, sleep and go to the toilet! Everything else relies on practise and it’s practise that makes the difference. No, practise doesn’t make us perfect, but it does make a difference.

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