Inspiration from the Romanian football team.

Roamanian shirts

While Romania may have been knocked out of Euro 2016, they remain the most inspiration team, in my opinion! Watch this amazing video which shows you what the team have been doing for the children in their country.

In my last blog post, I mentioned that in most of my assemblies, when I ask children if they can think of any job where Maths isn’t needed, I nearly always get the answer ‘footballer!’  But this team is dispelling this myth and helping to get children engaged in Maths.

We’ve seen the posters with famous people reading in schools – now we need to look for inspirational figures to show children how maths is part of our everyday life, and also what fun we can have with it.

Inspired by the video I have created a very simple sheet, which Mathletics has made available.
Click here  and they will email you the sheet.

The sheet comprises 25 blank football shirts and the task is to creat an equation for each number. It’s an open ended task, so it can be used by all year groups, and as as school, it would be interesting to see how the shirts changed as you progressed up the years. It would be fun to see how many different ways you could create a particular number, and then ask the children which one they think is the trickest equation to solve and why.

Once the sheets have been created, I would suggest marking each shirt on the back with a team name (or the child’s name) so that you can identify that set of shirts. Chop the sheet up into individual shirts and then they can be used as playing cards. Alternatively the sheets could be printed on a mix of coloured paper.

With them as cards, you could create all kinds of games, from a simple snap kind of game, where you turned the card over and answered the equation, and the person with the highest number took the pair.  You could create memory type games – turning 2 teams of cards over and trying to find the pair. Games could even be divised that could be played between year groups, or as knock out challenges to create your own Euro Maths 2016 type of competition.

The variations are endless…. most importantly, enjoy Maths and love learning!

Share your teams on Twitter, don’t forget to hashtag #euromaths and @Mathletics3PL

For another bit of football related inspiration – watch this video. What does it teach you about what can be achieved when you have a goal? What can you achieve with grit and determination.

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