M. Mathletics’s Blog page

Welcome to the blog page of Marty Mathletics!

One day he’d love to have his own blog, but for now he has a page here and will share his adventures and his learning with you all from this space.


He is about to log on to Mathletics, using the Leeds special log on page http://uk.mathletics.com/leeds/. Did you know that 117 schools in Leeds do Mathletics and that’s over 25,000 children! Marty Mathletics can come into your school and tell you all about Mathletics, you just need to get in contact with his friend Mrs Fisher, through the contact page. Mrs Fisher can also provide training and support for teachers using Mathletics (and also Spellodrome, Reading Eggs and Into Science).

When Mrs Fisher visits a school to do staff training, Marty Mathletics and his friend Alfie Awesome often come along too. They share their story in assembly with the children and celebrate the children’s successes on Mathletics.

Here’s Chapter 1 of their story…. (Click on the image to open the story)

Marty Mathletics

‘Marty likes to ask the question, ‘Why is Maths SO important?’ and he thinks about why we learn Maths at school.
This video helps us to think about just some of the reasons. What other reasons can you think of?

Marty Mathletics has a Growth Mindset. (Click to link to Mrs Fisher’s Growth Mindset Blog, written when she was a teacher at Farsley Farfield Primary School.)  He also enjoys watching the videos created by Class Dojo.

Marty’s favourite lesson at school is Maths, but he knows that to get better at anything he needs to practise. Read Chapter 2 of his adventures to find out how he learns to make learning his spellings just as much fun as practising his Maths! Click the image below to open the storybook.

Marty Mathletics meets Suzi Spellodrome

Here’s Marty’s favourite song. Why do you think he likes this song?

Thanks for reading Marty’s page, come back soon to find out more about his adventures, leave a comment or get in contact with Mrs Fisher through the contact page.